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Vintage Furniture, Artpieces and Home Decor


Our Company

Asia’s foremost antiques and collectibles infozine and e-shop, Vxotic has a focus on collecting all the best information on the vintage industry in Asia and beyond. We also stock a little vintage furniture store where you can get retro stuff such as furniture, home accessories, collectible toys and art pieces.

As much as we want to make this the go-to place for vintage lovers, we hope that you can also be engaged with our community. So get in touch with us if you have a little retro business that you think will fit in nicely as a feature piece in our blog, a vintage cafe or a piece of collectible that you think our readers will like to know about. Get in touch with us at: hello@vxotic.com and we’ll get back in 5 business days.









Our Services

We also provide a spectrum of other services, such as antiques appraisal, free online assessment of vintage collectibles and information on antiques and collectibles websites and flea markets worldwide.

Antiques and Fine Art

Antiques Appraisal Services

We work with certified, professional appraisers. If you would like us to determine the value of your antiques or fine art, get in touch with us at: hello@vxotic.com.

Online Appraisal

Online Collectibles Appraisal

We're able to help you find out the estimated cost of your vintage collectibles such as coins, dolls, toys and movie memorabilia. Email us with your photos and details at: hello@vxotic.com.


Antiques Flea Markets

A collection of the top antiques and collectibles websites and flea markets worldwide.

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