Where to Find Antique Bicycles for Sale for Under $300

Last updated on February 19th, 2021 at 12:57 pm

Antique bicycles are collected with enthusiasm for a number of reasons. Old bikes have a charm of their own which is often lacking in the newer varieties. Therefore, they are largely gathered by collectors for their rich heritage and interesting history as well as for their vintage decals and paint jobs.

antique bicycles for saleHow Collectors Use Their Antique Bicycles

There are two major uses for these vintage pieces. You can undertake vintage bike restoration and use it as a great recycled transport medium. The other option is to turn it into a unique decorative piece. An antique bike can be displayed in the front yard with fresh flowers around its handle bars, hence adding to its appeal and enhancing your house’s overall look and feel. Hanging just the bicycle frames in game rooms is another great option as it brings in a whiff of nostalgia into the place.

Where to Source for Antique Bicycles for Less Than $300

Many would deem antique bicycles to be very expensive, but surprisingly, there are definitely some antique bikes that you can purchase for less than $300, if only you know where to look.

Local sales outlets used to be the first source sought after all this while by potential buyers. However, the advent of internet has drastically expanded the boundaries of market areas. It is now possible to purchase from any source worldwide on the internet at relatively low costs. Some of the most sought after models are the likes of vintage Schwinn bikes or Hiawatha bicycle models.

Basically, there are two ways in which such antique bikes can be purchased.

Online Options

eBay: This is a global auction site where the buyer can have a very wide look-out for his requirements. He can set the maximum limit of his purchase price and if he wins, then a little extra over the price of the next highest bidder has to be paid by him. The only disadvantage here is the uncertainty; escalations in the auction prices can take place at the last minute and with only the set time limit as a call for a final bid, the participant knows about his winning only on the expiry of the time limit.

Craiglist: This is a free purchase/sale site which is categorized by product groups and localities and this is useful for sale and purchase of items of lesser value which has a greater local or regional market. However, attention has to be given to precautionary tips if any provided by the website.

Other Websites: Several other websites that you can check out for information purposes include antique bikes forums such as Classic Vintage Cycles, the Classic and Antique Bicycle Exchange, Retro Bikes Forum, Menotomy Vintage Bicycles and Vintage Bike Forum.

Offline Options

Bicyclists’ Email Lists: Individuals with antique bicycles as well as local bicycle clubs have e-mail lists which are very helpful. Looking up the search engines for such regional bicycle clubs will throw up a few names and then inquiries can be made for your requirements.

Swap Meets: This is an important place where you can talk bikes, share information and actually browse through a number of pieces, feel them and check them out physically before you may be able to source and buy an antique piece well below your $300 limit.

Yard/Garage Sales: Sometimes, if you are lucky, then you can get your vintage bike for a bargain as the seller’s foremost motive is the cleaning of his garage or yard.

However, as you would be buying one of the antique bicycles for sale, it is essential for you to see that it is well worth the money asked for. Definitely, proper evaluation of the antique piece has to be done against the background of its functionality and working condition, and its physical appearance. If there are some defects but you like the piece very much, try to ask for a mark-down.

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