How To Find A Genuine Antique Rocking Horse For Your New House

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Whether you are going to setup your new home, or you just want to refurnish your current house with some vintage elements, a vintage rocking horse will always be a great centerpiece, or a conversation starter. The big question is; how do you find a genuine antique one? It is important to be happy with your choice since you will live with it for a very long time, looking on it as a treasured heirloom.

Buying an antique rocking horse is an important long-term investment and getting a genuine one will give you a value for your money. You must understand that some vintage rocking horses retain their originality while others are restored to the point of appearing new. An original rocking horse is one that has withstood the test of time. It originally started as a toy that only the rich could afford but it has now become popular and as generations pass, they are sure to be around for many years to come.

To make sure that you end up with a genuine antique rocking horse, wonder horse or even a glider horse, you need to learn more about the different types and designs available and ways to identify a rocking horse among the other imitations in the market.

An Antique Rocking Horse – Designs Available

Antique rocking horses are beautiful and bring about images of happy children while having exciting play times. At this time, there were no toys or video games. In Europe, rocking horses were made on swing stands in the 1750s and were later adopted in America around the 1880s.

American rocking horses: These are called ‘fork art antique horses’ and are designed with simple manes and tails which are made of horse hair. Their saddles and reins are made of leather and are either left natural or are polished and painted.

European rocking horses: These horses had manes made from hair and tacks made of leather. They were fixed and fastened tightly by brass. They were also painted. Their main manufacturers were Collinson’s who made them between the years 1836-1993, while the hides that covered rocking horses were made by F H Ayres and Tri-Ang lines.

Types of Rocking Horses

Plush Rocking Horse
Plush Rocking Horse

The different types of antique rocking horses include the following:

Plush rocking horses: These rocking horses look real and children played and adventured all sorts with them. However, this antique is liked to get damaged since it is made of standard quality and the child might have an impulse feeling to ride in it. It is supported by rockers made of wood which makes it quite sturdy. Depending on price, some are made of metal or plastic. They are available in different quality, size, and price. You can find different varieties of plush rocking horses on eBay with prices ranging from $50 going up to hundreds of dollars. There are quite a number of different varieties to choose from.

Carousel rocking horses: These antique rocking horses comes in different sizes that range from small to extra large, ideal for those looking for a difference, uniqueness and exclusive. Many people are inspired by their beauty especially the medieval horses that are designed in a special way. Carousel horses are unique since they are handcrafted and stamped with exclusive brands. They are usually used for decoration and require special care and attention.

Carousel Antique Rocking Horse
Carousel Antique Rocking Horse

Spring rocking horses: These are the antique wood rocking horses that are comfortable, durable and quite affordable. They contain plastic molded stirrups and are hand decorated with colourful molded base gauge, and new full lengths that are added for protection. They have fully extended motion activated sound box containing eight different sounds and phrases which make them fun for children to ride on.

Spring Rocking Horse
Spring Rocking Horse (Source:

Classic wooden rocking horses: These antique horses are readily available in the market  and they contain such features as natural solid wood construction which has a smooth polish and finish. It contains a wider rocker base which is used to secure it for stable grip that can be handled with safety.

Classic Wooden Rocking Horse
Classic Wooden Rocking Horse

Plastic rocking horses: These are antique horses which have a swinging fitness included. They come in various designs such as giraffes and cats and are very secure within the home compound. Most of them are made in China but that does not necessarily mean that the antique rocking horse value and quality are compromised.

How to Identify A Genuine Antique Rocking Horse

For you to identify an antique rocking horse, you will be required to check whether it is looking old, however, care should be taken since nowadays, old can also be faked. Before you begin searching online for ‘old rocking horses wanted’, be sure to take note of these tips below first.

Know what and where to look: Check its delicate parts such face, ears, legs, and the area surrounding eyes. It is important to assess the seat. A genuine antique horse often shows some signs of wear which are not limited to paint but also to worn out wood and the neck.

Check the tack: The leather tack should neither be carved nor painted. Carved and painted tack shows something is unusual on a genuine rocking horse. Check that the leather is worn out especially around the seat. The Europeans horse usually has some brass studs that are used to fix it although it is not the case always. Check carefully since other manufacturers tend to rust artificially some metal and nail fixings.

The mane and the tail: Make sure that manes and tails of antique rocking horses are almost the real hair from a horse. In case the mane is curved, it might be an indication of a remodeled one.

If you are looking to buy a 1950s genuine antique rocking horse online, all you need is to type into the search engine the keyword “rocking horse 1950s” and many results will pop up showcasing 1950s rocking horses for sale for you to choose from. Here are some tips on how to search better online.

Using carefully the tips outlined above, you will be able to find the best antique rocking horse of your dream to suit the lifestyle that you ever wanted in your new house. Enjoy your new house!

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