10 Places to get the Best Deals on Antique Wedding Dresses

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Every bride would want to make her wedding day as memorable as ever and one of the most important items that can make her an instant sensation is her wedding dress. The long flowing yards of silk, chiffon, taffeta, lace and tulle can dazzle the audience like nothing ever. Wedding dresses can range from the high-end Vera Wang gown to a beautiful dress fashioned by an unknown designer and obtained for a throwaway price. However, if the bride wants to add the glamour of vintage Hollywood grace and beauty to her wedding day attire, then a vintage wedding dress is the perfect choice for her.

Appeal of Antique Wedding Dresses

Many brides-to-be love to don one of the popular antique wedding dresses and go back in time to revel in an era where fashion was timeless, graceful and elegant. These vintage dresses are just perfect for all the would be brides who have envied the glamorous stars of past decades, loved classic movies of yesteryears or always wanted to look like a  flawless classic doll. Evoking the jazz age of 1920s or Hollywood glamour of 1950s, rare evening gowns wedding dresses with appliquéd jewellery or plain lace overlay will make your vintage themed wedding a day to remember.

Options for Sourcing Unique Antique Wedding Dresses

Choosing a wedding dress is a thrilling event for some brides-to-be while it is a pain for some others. Whatever be the type of the woman to be married, there is no alternative to shopping for a good wedding dress. However, in today’s times this task has been made much easier with the cropping of innumerable online websites that stock some of the most desirable antique wedding dresses.  Some of them offer antique wedding dresses which can range in the $1000 plus category or there are others where you can get the best of the wedding gowns for epic low prices. The trick is to put in a bit of extra effort and keep an open mind while you start your hunt.

Etsy – Topmost in all that is Vintage & Handmade

Creations from Rebecca Shoneveld
Photo: Rebecca Shoneveld

The first name that comes to one’s mind while shopping online for a vintage-inspired wedding dress is Etsy. Etsy is well-known for its varied offerings of vintage stuff and is the perfect source to scout for a unique wedding gown. However, searching among the plethora of boutiques available on this site can make your task a bit too overwhelming. Therefore, here are some online stores which will bring a full-stop to your searching and let you begin your shopping – Leanimal, Ouma, Jillian Fellers, Rebecca Shoneveld, Dark Pony Designs, The Flower Bride, Grace Loves Lace and Truvelle.

Other Vintage Stores

antique wedding dresses
A 1950s Vintage Original. Photo: Hope and Harlequin

Whatever is your need; a retro dress from the 1930s or a lace-filled gown from the 1920s; vintage stores are the right destination for getting some of the best deals on your wedding dress. But hunting for the right vintage wedding dress site can be quite a herculean task. A few of these vintage stores sites have been listed below to make your task much easier and simpler:

Hope & Harlequin: The store has an awesome collection of vintage wedding gowns true to the characteristics of each era with every piece being original vintage or refurbished from treasures of yesteryears. Prices of original vintage simple gowns start from 200 pounds.

The Vintage Gown: This online store offers vintage wedding dresses in the original condition. The range of prices is 50 pounds to 400 pounds.

This vintage wedding dress of the 1950s era is endowed with a stunning lace bodice and slim satin pencil skirt.Vintage at Number 18: A treasure trove of retro wedding dresses, this store can guarantee that your requirements for a vintage wedding dress will be fulfilled to the smallest detail.

Some other equally good websites housing a varied collection of antique wedding dresses are:


eBay – Offers some Best Deals

The website offers a wide array of bridal wear for very reasonable prices. All options of vintage wedding wear belonging to several eras can be found here. If the bride-to-be has planned her wedding well in advance then she can take advantage of the various deals that are offered on the site from time to time. This will enable her to make her purchase fit well within her budget.

‘House of Vintage Bride’

A subsidiary of Brick Lane for bridal wear, the boutique is the perfect stop for obtaining unique bridal wears ranging from hand-embroidered outfits of the 1930s to classic lines of 1940s or beaded styles of 1960s and all that there is in between. The shopping experience is one-of-a-kind with you getting plenty of options in style and size and most of all lots of space to try them on. The price-range is fantastic too; very affordable prices beginning with 200 pounds and going up to 1200 pounds, they have it all. Go to www.houseofvintageuk.com for further details.

Photo: Tradesy.com

Head to Tradesy.com

This is termed as the world’s largest wedding marketplace; it has lots and lots of variety. Stocking new, sample and gently used wedding dresses, you can scroll through their vintage collection until you get the desired gown of your choice. The prices offered there are reasonable too.

Pre-owned Options

Buying a pre-owned dress is one of the ways to get your dream wedding dress well within your budget. Some sites in this category are WoreItOnce.com. They connect the buyers and sellers of used wedding dresses and provide an opportunity to the brides-to-be to get the exceptional wedding dresses for a lark.

Flea markets

Treat the hunt for your wedding dress as a fun-filled treasure hunt and head to the flea market in your locality. You may just happen to be lucky to get the dress of your dreams there at the best possible price ever.

Scout for Garage Sales

Be aware of garage sales happening in your neighborhood. Your neighbors may just be the people with the taste same as yours. This source can help you become the proud owner of a vintage inspired wedding dress which is sold by your fashionista neighbor.

Photo: Shopruche.com


This website houses vintage inspired wedding dresses at seriously low prices. Brides-to-be can definitely get very good bargains at this place.


Last but not the least you can also try Craiglist which is a stock of all items, antique wedding dresses included. So try your luck here too!

The above mentioned sources will definitely give you the best deals on collecting a vintage wedding dress with an intriguing history. So, sashay down the aisle with any one of these and see the amounts of heads you turn!

Main Photo courtesy of Xishibrides, History of Wedding Dresses on Pinterest and Momsoldbox

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