A Concise Guide to Selecting Vintage Kimono Fabric

Last updated on February 19th, 2021 at 11:58 am

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Whether you’re looking for vintage kimono fabric in silks or cottons, there are a number of things you’ll want to look at when you’re deciding on the best quality and the most authentic. The main concern for buyers is the quality of silk kimono fabric or vintage kimono cotton. What are you looking for when you are shopping online or in-person to guarantee you are getting the product you want or need?

When it comes to silk kimono fabric, the most authentic are those made by hand from start to finish. This means that the fabric has been hand-woven, hand-dyed, hand-painted, hand-embroidered, and even hand-sewn. The prices of these silk fabrics can be quite high since the labor going into their creation is so in-depth and intense.

What does vintage mean when it comes to Japanese kimonos? Well, vintage kimonos are from earlier periods of kimono styles, which have not changed much from their original creation over 1,000 years ago, by using authentic materials found from older time periods, even as soon as 30 years ago. Most searches online can help you find the right shops to buy kimono fabric bundles made from silk or cotton.

One such place to find Japanese vintage kimono fabric for sale is the website, Ziguzagu. They have been in business over 10 years, searching and buying vintage kimono fabrics to make available to the average consumer. They offer all types of kimono fabric for sale from silks, cottons, hemp, and even wool.

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As far as finding Japanese silk fabric for sale, you can find it in several places, both reputable and not-so-much, in certain districts throughout most major cities or online. The drawback to online stores is that you cannot feel and inspect the quality first-hand unless you purchase it first for them to ship it. What you may get from this purchase is poor quality or non-authentic fabrics, claiming to be vintage. Going back to the labor intensive efforts of producing vintage kimono fabric, make sure the quality is there by inspecting its handmade features from woven threads to painting to even sewing of the cloth.

When using either brick-and-mortar stores or online stores, word of mouth can be your best asset in finding shops to buy your bundles of kimono fabric. Read online reviews about websites that sell these fabrics to evaluate their respectability as an authentic dealer of vintage kimono fabric. Reviews can also be found online for the brick-and-mortars, but sometimes speaking with seamstresses and others that use these fabrics on a daily basis can yield better results on where to buy Japanese obi fabric and vintage kimono fabric.

So, to recap, when you are in the market for vintage kimono fabric, you will want to verify the authenticity of the fabric, the reputation of the dealer or seller, and the quality of the fabric for the price you are paying. When you are first starting out or just interested in these fabrics for hobbies or crafts, Ziguzagu is a definite place to start. Others include companies based in Japan or places nearby since they have easy access to these fabrics. Wholesalers, or the source of the manufacturing, can be the best places for the best prices especially when you’re wanting bundles of fabric for your next project or two.

Following these few tips and guidelines will help you with your search of obtaining the best vintage fabrics from the kimonos of old.

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