9 Brilliant Ways To Use Antique Doors In Your Home

Last updated on February 19th, 2021 at 11:47 am

Everybody loves antique doors as they remind us of those memories of how our home first looked, and they also have incredible smells that take us back to memory lane. Antique doors, windows and shutters have many great uses – you can repurpose them in your hallway, kitchen and even your own bedroom. You can use them for lots of different accessorizing needs. There are those lazy moments in our life when we do not have anything to do, and you can then use it as an opportunity to repurpose your antique doors the DIY style.

This article will give you some great ideas on how you can reuse your antique doors in your interior or outdoor designs. Using just antiques doors, be ready to get inspired with lots of brilliant ideas!

1. Headboards

Do you know that using just one or two of your vintage doors, you can create a fun headboard that adds character and personality to your bedroom? A headboard made with antique doors helps refresh simple space. If your bedroom is designed the Victorian style, you can bet that this headboard will enhance and emphasize the style and make your bedroom looks even more unique.

Photo: Architectureartdesigns.com

2. Tables

Instead of putting up your antique doors for sale, you can use them to make a great coffee table or the top of a serving buffet in your next project. You can make a great design and add some ambience to your home when you turn your vintage doors into decorative tables. It is so much cheap, natural and better than your boring glass-top table.

Photo: Homedit.com

3. Chalkboards

It is easy to turn your old doors into a chalkboard and it is also a fun project which you can undertake if you have a little free time. A little cutting by the both sides will give you a good-looking chalkboard that you can put in any corner of your house. You can use it to teach your kids some math, write down your favorite daily quotes, or even put down your everyday meal menus. There are endless things you can write on chalkboards that are made from antique doors.

Photo: Homedit.com

4. The Glass Door Room Dividers

Glass door room dividers are awesome and the best part of it is that you can make it yourself with vintage doors. It is a great complement to your interior design. To make a glass door, the only thing you need to buy is the glass, then take some measurements where you want the glass to be on the door, cut it out with your chisel cutter, and then stick your glass on the door, and you will have some cool, great glass door room dividers.

Photo: Homedit.com

5. Old Door Bookshelf

Why spend your hard earned money to buy a new bookshelf when you can build one for yourself from your antique doors? Turn that your exterior antique door into an awesome bookshelf with some painting, and nobody will believe that you made the bookshelf yourself.

Photo: Architectureartdesigns.com

6. Bathroom Organizer or Accessories Board

Looking for where to keep your bathroom accessories? Turn that old door into a bathroom organizer or a board to hold your accessories. It is a great way not only to add a great design to your bathroom, but it keeps things organized and is also a good way to save money.

Photo: Junk Garden Girl

7. Old Door Garden Bench

Have you thought of turning your antique door into a garden bench?  This is great if you are the suburban type, as you can enjoy a cup of tea outside and breath some cool fresh air while sitting on your outdoor bench. So for your next project, do explore turning that old door into a natural bench beside your garden or under a shade!

Photo: Critical Cities
Photo: Architectureartdesigns.com

8. Bathroom Cabinet Door

If you like keeping things closed, then you can turn your vintage door into your bathroom cabinet door. With some artist skills, you can use the antique doors to build a cabinet.

Photo: Architectureartdesigns.com

9. Coffee Table with Storage

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can have a complete coffee table with storage to help you keep things more organized? Well, with a little hard work, you can transform your antique doors into a beautiful, natural coffee table with storage.

Photo: This Old Life

There are lot of things you can do with your antique doors, so if you have old antique doors there is no need to throw them away as you can also buy cheap antique doors from dealers and use them for your next project to give your home more natural design.

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