The 7 Best Things about Antique Bulova Watches

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What is it that has made antique Bulova watches so intriguing to collectors? Pieces of timeless beauty combined with precision working have made them a popular collector’s item. The early twentieth century Bulova watches were truly ahead of its times in style and fashion.

History of Antique Bulova Watches

The Bulova Company began on their commendable journey to achieving time-keeping excellence more than hundred years ago. Its establishment was a result of a Czech immigrant, Joseph Bulova’s efforts who began small with a jewelry shop in New York City in 1875 and went on to establish a factory to produce and assemble time pieces. The year was 1912 and the place, Bienne, Switzerland. The Bulova Watch Company, Inc came to be established in 1923. The year 1927 saw its listing on the American Stock Exchange. Till today they are one amongst the most sought after watches all over the world.

7 Best Things About Antique Bulova Watches

A vintage Bulova watch can be obtained today at comparatively affordable prices. Following are seven characteristics that are responsible for making these antique watches so best liked by one and all, even till today.

  • Pioneers: The first and foremost quality of these antique watches was that they were way ahead of their times in design and style. Stunning pieces crafted almost a century ago still stand the test of fashion changes today.
  • Changed Outlook: Antique Bulova watches changed the people’s outlook towards wearing watches. Wearing a vintage Bulova watch on your wrist has become an epitome of luxury and status.
  • Standardization: The concept of standardization of watch parts which was perfected to the highest degree by Joseph Bulova totally transformed the way of working in the watch servicing industry. Each part of the Bulova watch was standardized to the ten thousandth of an inch making possible for it to be interchanged with a similar part in other Bulova watches. If you have a vintage Bulova watch you can rest assured that you would be able to get replacement parts even today because of its unique mechanism.
  • Perfect Balance: Bulova watches have achieved a perfect balance between style and functionality. The watches have been a brand for superior technology combined with glitzy appearances and this trademark is still being maintained today.
14K white gold vintage Bulova ladies watch Photo: vintagejewelryonline
  • Attention to Details: Intricate detailing has gone into the making of each and every variety of the watch. Hard work coupled with an environment fostering growth and development and the insightful direction of Joseph Bulova was the reason for the success of his iconic timepieces.
  • Feminine Elegance: There were feminine watches introduced for the woman too and such superbly crafted pieces of elegance and beauty still adorn the delicate wrists of the fairer sex. The eye-catching exteriors which complemented the superior technology driven interiors have become a big hit in many countries.
  • High Precision: Bulova was a leader in the manufacture of highly precise and accurate watches. This made it a natural choice for the NASA astronauts to adorn their wrists with the Bulova, Accutron.
  • List of Most Desirable Models of Old Styled Bulova Watches

    Vintage Bulova watch with 23 jewels

    In today’s times, antique Bulova watches have become a global trend. Among the antique watches, the question arises as to which are the most desirable ones, and though it largely depends on personal preferences and tastes, the following list of antique watches can throw a light on which models can be said to be the most collectible watch models. This can definitely help one to choose the gift of an antique time-piece for a loved one or an admirer of antique watches.

    Real vintage watches are usually dated from around the year 1920s til the 1970s. For the Bulova brand, any model from the earliest batches dating to the 1920s is classified as a desirable vintage but those are very difficult to find in today’s times. Close on its heels, models which qualify to come under this category are the six different kinds of ‘Lone Eagles’ spanning 1927-1940. In the 1930 listings, the Sky King, Corrigan and Rite Angle are unbeatable. The one of a kind ‘President’ with ‘Wandering Seconds’ as well as the ‘Jump Hour’ are marvelous models found in the same listing. The 1940s saw the popularity of the military themed models such as Medical Officer and Blackhawk. This is to be differentiated from the military issue models dating to around the same time which earn top dollar even today if they can be corroborated to a particular war. Alongside was the rise of the red/rose/pink/gold look which has come back in vogue.

    Vintage Bulova watch Accutron model Photo: KeeptheTime

    Antique Bulova watches in 1950 included the ‘Photo Flip Up’ wherein you had to overturn the watch top to view a picture of any item. The 1960 listings had the elegant and different ‘American Eagles’ and ‘Presidents’ named watches with its own series of several variants. The Beau Brummell series included the vintage Bulova watch with 23 jewels and 30 jewel models that are supremely elegant and stunning pieces of art.

    The advent of the 1960s introduced the Accutron which caught the fancy of NASA and found itself included on many trips bound for space. This vintage variety can however, deplete the pockets of the interested buyer. The 1970s Accuquartz a hybrid between quartz and a tuning fork is a rare commodity because of the low quantities produced at that time. The varieties in later periods can be categorized as contemporary items.

    Precautionary Tips for Your Vintage Bulova Watch

    • Always get your vintage watch inspected by a qualified expert once in two years.
    • Wind the watch when you wake up in the morning rather than winding it at night before sleeping as that will help to maintain regularity in winding-up timings.
    • Lastly take care not to drop it or wet it.

    It is helpful to remember that your vintage watch is likely to be in your possession for a long time, and it definitely deserves all the care that you may shower upon it.

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