6 Top Tips to Fixing and Caring For Antique Baby Cribs

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Family heirlooms hold many special memories and using them again for your own baby makes it even more exciting. For instance, using the same antique baby crib that you slept on for your own baby takes these special memories a notch higher. However, those antique baby cribs need to be checked beforehand and to make necessary fixings and amendments to ensure it meets all the standards of the National Safety Council, as the first step to ensuring your baby’s safety. The antique baby cribs worth is determined by its condition and whether it still meets the safety standards in case you are amending it with an aim of selling it off.

The following are six tips for fixing and caring for these antique baby cribs to ensure that they meet the baby’s safety standards.

Check The Current Safety Guidelines

Antique iron cribs are very popular with parents who are preparing for their antique nursery furniture. Iron is durable, does not crack, swell, splinter nor does it crack or loosen over time just like the wooden ones. The iron baby cribs are also not bite friendly and so babies usually do not teeth on. A cast iron or wrought baby crib allows you to get that heirloom quality which is combined with time appeal which allows you to get that vintage look that is so popular with brand new pieces that exceeds current safety standards. Despite having a gorgeous look, the crib can be lethal to your baby and so make sure it meets the United States Safety Commission’s latest Safety Standards which ensures that the antique iron crib value is maintained.

Check the Slats Spacing On Wooden Antique Baby Cribs

Before your baby sleeps on that older wooden crib, it is important to check whether it meets the current guidelines for infant safety by thoroughly inspecting it beforehand. Older cribs might not pass the test which according to the National Safety Council requires that the slats should not exceed 23/8 inches apart while the corners should not exceed 1/16 of an inch. The council also ensures there are no cut outs or designs either on the headboard or on the footboard. The baby’s little hands usually grab and twist the slats a great deal. Every joint in the crib should be thoroughly inspected for firmness and repaired if loose. The mattress which is more than five years should not be used and should be replaced. It should be firm enough to protect the baby from possible breathing problems during the rollover.

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Choose Iron and Wood

Although antique baby cribs are best not to be used under any circumstances since they are not safe for use with babies, there are varieties of vintage and antique styles which are available in both iron and wood that meets all the modern safety standards for complementing the family heirloom or just adding a touch of vintage style in a modern nursery. Before use, ensure that the iron and wood are well painted and fastened to ensure the baby’s safety.

Check The Loose and Broken Reeds

The antique baby bassinets come with great lines and textures which are woven with reeds and wicker. They are surrounded with beautiful skirtings all around that makes it elegant and adds a taste of class. They also have bentwood carrying handles which make it easier for one to move from one place to another. All the broken reeds should be replaced and safely tucked to ensure they are not protruding which can hurt the baby sleeping underneath.

Check Your Antique Baby Crib’s Sturdiness

Sometimes, family antiques such as cribs can be stored in such places like the garage or in an attic which ends up exposing them to very high temperatures. This makes the joints in older cribs which were glued together with the then type of glue called the “bull” to loosen following the exposure to high temperatures during storage. To check the sturdiness, hold the crib against a hard wall and the floor and hold the crib rail closer to you, insert a little weight on the crib turning it slightly right and left. If you notice a little creak, it is an indication that it needs some minor fixing. This technique exposes loose joints by popping them out.

Take Care Of The Worn Out Structure

One of the best ways to restore the glory of an aged crib and make it look like a brand new once again should be done by following some simple steps without damaging the antique quality. However, this varies with the style and year of manufacturing. As part of aging, most cribs finishes dull over time. If the crib is wooded, it is advisable to use the rubbing compound. This acts like a super fine sand paper which if applied properly, results to a nice shine on the finished surfaces. Rubbing the compound is a sure and effective way of brightening up the dull finish of old cribs without removing the wood color below or the previous finish.

Applying The Compound

By using a soft cotton cloth, apply the compound on your antique baby crib and run evenly over small areas at a time. After applying various portions in a light haze, use some force to rub over those areas, when applying with force, the compound will begin to haze up within a short time and will roll up leaving a brilliant shine below it. Repeat the steps with other areas just like the previous step. After thorough application, wipe the pieces using water and vinegar to remove dirt as well as the rubbing compound leaving your crib looking clean, shiny and ready to use.

The above tips and tricks requires that you know the various types of antique cribs available in the market, what materials they are made of, how to check the safety standards, how to check the sturdiness of the cribs and eventually, how to remodel an old crib to look like new and ready for use by a brand new baby. The steps are simple do-it-yourself techniques but do seek professional help if the need arises.

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