6 Best Places to Source for Antique John Deere Tractors

Last updated on February 19th, 2021 at 12:55 pm

Are you an antique tractor enthusiast, always on the search for places to check out some cool pieces of antique machines? Such antique pieces have graced many a farm show and one of the eternal favorites among them are the antique John Deere tractors. Other brands that collectors of antique tractors are enthusiastic about are the Farmhall Super tractors  and the Oliver tractors.

Where Can You Find Antique John Deere Tractors for Sale?

Following are 6 places where one can glimpse these vintage tractors displayed in all their glory.

Farm, Farm Equipment Shows and State Fairs: The John Deere brand forms an important constituent of any farm show. Most of these shows are held all the year round and the internet is a vital source for providing information on the time and locations of such farm shows. Some popular shows include the Pioneer Park Days, one of the largest, and is the oldest antique tractor, steam engine and farm equipment shows in the southeast of America, Florida Flywheelers, a tractor show and swap meet-up, Arizona Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association, and FFA Alumni Antique Tractor Truck Pull. Sometimes, besides the antique tractors, you can also check out other fun events like tractor pulls and various demonstrations.

antique john deere tractors
Waterloo Boy tractor made in 1914. Photo: MachineFinder Blog

Some vintage tractor fairs are organized state wide and there are chances of being able to see a larger collection of the vintage pieces here, as people from all over the state bring their antique models to be displayed here.

Check out this guide or the Farm Collector Show Directory for more of such antique tractor shows.

Clubs and Tractor Enthusiast Groups: Several local and national clubs and tractor enthusiast groups are dedicated to the John Deere brand, such as the John Deere Tractor Enthusiasts, which have been formed to celebrate the John Deere brand. They are one of the sources where you can get to share information and view some of the vintage stock of these machines like the 1959 730 John Deere tractors for sale or the John Deere 630 and many more.

Enquiries can also be made at the local John Deere dealer or even other brand dealer or an independent power equipment dealer as they normally hold information about all such tractor clubs.

Farm Equipment Dealers: Sometimes, a vintage John Deere tractor can be housed in the sheds of farm equipment dealers. You can get to know about them by checking the local farm papers.

Antique Road Shows: Such road shows may not be entirely about tractors, or John Deere tractors, but it could be a general antique road show and you could find some vintage John Deere models around. This another source where you can get to view these cool and colorful hulks. Sometimes an antique John Deere tractor is restored to its former condition before it gets to be in ‘show’ condition.

John Deere Pavilion: A trip to the John Deere Pavilion will enable you to come face to face with history. The John Deere Pavilion has it all. Antique machines such as the original Model A and Waterloo Boy can be viewed here.

Reunion of Retired Farmers: Farmers of areas with deep agricultural history are unparalleled tractor enthusiasts and organize nostalgia –inspiring events like reunions. Some of the attendees bring their old tractors along.

The company manufacturing John Deere tractor completed its 175th anniversary in 2012 and is still walking the path set by its founder to bring out innovative farm equipment. It is no wonder that there are still a very large number of John Deere enthusiasts looking out for the vintage models, and there are indeed still some very pristine, antique John Deere tractors for sale out there. Whenever any are found at tractor pulls, state fairs, clubs, farm shows or in backyards, they are posted with their history on social media such as Pinterest, Facebook and Flickr nowadays and that becomes an important source for their interest.

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