My Trip to Uncle Three Store – A Vintage Shop in Taiwan

Here is a brief review of my visit to Uncle Three Store (三叔公雜貨店) when I was in Taiwan in 2016. After a packaged tour of Taiwan and its surrounding cities, we were left with 2 free days to do what we want, and so we decided to make a trip down to Uncle Three Store, a shop selling reproduced vintage gifts, retro home decor and little trinkets.

Uncle Three Store

Uncle Three Store is located at Longjiang Road, Zhongshan District of Taipei City. We took the train from our hotel to Nanjing Fuxing train station. From the station, we took exit number 2, and after going up the escalator, we turned right. You will see Morgan Coffee House, and at this point, turn left into the first junction of Liaoning Street, and at the first road crossroad, turn right, walk a few steps, and you will see Uncle Three Store.

It was drizzling a little when we were there, and this lovely, quaint store, which was opened in 2013, is just located at a little corner, with small potted plants lining its exterior. In the window you can see old world dolls, vintage toys, small handmade gifts, children’s toys, and wooden toy figurines.  

As you wandered up, a red bulldog welcomed you. And as you stepped in, you will see a mix of vintage delights all around you – I supposed up to 70 percent of the products here are reproduced vintage goods, which is the trend now.

The shop inside is not big, in fact, it is a little cramped as the centre was filled with displays. We had to wriggle in and did a U-turn to move out. I was intrigued by all the vintage goods available inside – from vintage old dolls, signboards, signage, tin signs, small cards, little cups and bottles, to retro tin boxes, all were lovingly brought in by the owner herself.

Uncle Three Store started because of the owner’s love for vintage and antique toys, and hence on the pretext of sourcing for goods for her shop, she went around the world travelling and buying back little bundles of vintage goods. To her, such antiques and vintage stuff have a healing effect on people, and it is only when we learn to appreciate the beauty of them will we understand the process of how things came about and were developed, much like as we learn to make simple, small things with our hands, we will then get to understand the process intimately. Sharing is what happiness is all about, said its website. (I’m still trying to see if I could get an interview with the owner herself, but all the information here are translated from online information.)

I wanted to bring everything inside Uncle Three Store home, but sadly, I couldn’t and left with some vintage gifts for my friends. It only took us less than half an hour to look through everything inside, but I suppose you could find more stuff in its online store.

For those who are in Taipei now, do pop over to this unique little store if you love vintage stuff. It’s well worth a visit definitely!

Here is a video of the store:

Uncle Three Store
Address: 1F., No.25, Ln. 65, Longjiang Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 12 – 8:30pm. Close on Tues.

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