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Why You Should Make A Trip to Hock Siong Furniture Before You Setup Your New Home

I have been wanting to do a write-up on this furniture recycling company, Singapore-based Hock Siong Furniture but I have not had the time until last Saturday. I also wished to find one or two vintage suitcases to store my old toys.

Hock Siong's Vintage Telephones
Hock Siong’s Vintage Telephones

Located about a 15 minutes’ walk from Tai Seng MRT station, Hock Siong Furniture is situated in an old industrial building in Kampong Ampat. As you stepped into the place, you will be able to see a mix of second-hand tables, chairs, paintings, lighting, cabinets, old knick knacks and such. The company, which originated from the 1970s and is currently headed by Mr Toh Chin Siong (the company name ‘Hock Siong’ was apparently pieced together by Mr Toh, taking 2 Chinese words 福 “fu” (Hock) which means “Prosperity”, and the last letter of his own name 祥 “xiang” (Siong)), specialises in furniture recycling and up-cycling, disposal and waste management, as well as furniture valuation and appraisal, according to their new website.

Their wide and extensive range of goods such as furniture, decorations, kitchenware, linens, and a mix of curios and knick-knacks all come from local hotels, companies, furniture shops which had closed down, show flats, restaurants, bars and residential households.

Vintage Metal Sculptures
Vintage Metal Sculptures

Hock Siong Furniture occupies 3 warehouses that are situated side by side, with one housing bigger furniture pieces such as dining tables, study tables, clothes cabinets, refrigerators, bed frames, huge posters, big statues, lighting, another warehouse stocks the smaller furniture pieces such as chairs, stools, smaller pieces of side tables, cabinets, etc. I cannot really pinpoint the style of the furniture pieces, as they range from the modern, to mid-century, to some luxurious, vintage decorations. And as I walked down to the last unit, one last warehouse houses all the kitchenware such as used bowls, plates, cutlery, glassware, silverware, vases, crockery, rugs, old suitcases and bags, shoes, irons, coffee machines, hair dryers, signage, decorations, and other eclectic items.

I was already hot and sweating when I finished the first warehouse, but there were still treasures aplenty in the other warehouses, apparently. Read on to see why I said you should check out Hock Siong Furniture before deciding on the decor direction for your new house.

Hock Siong's 2nd Warehouse
Hock Siong’s 2nd Warehouse

(1) A Wide Variety of Unique, One-of-a-Kind Pieces

Vintage Statues
Vintage Statues

I realised nowadays there is not so much stigma in getting old and second-hand furniture as a few years ago, as more and more young couples setting up new homes actually prefer to get vintage pieces that are unique and can be a talking point in their house. And if you love such one-of-a-kind pieces which you may not be able to find elsewhere, Hock Siong is a good place to hunt for them, as up to 95 percent of their items are pre-used.

(2) Reasonable Prices for the Man in the Street

Furniture and stuff at Hock Siong Furniture are priced reasonably, and starts from as low as a few dollars, to about SGD$1,000 onwards for larger pieces of tables or dining sets, and even sculptures. Most pieces have their prices stuck onto them, so you do not have to check with the staff for every piece that you are interested in.

After a while, as you walked through the messy lanes, and the smells of yesteryears drifted past you, you will feel that every piece of furniture or object there has their own memories and history.

I heard a Caucasian lady bargaining with the staff over a quaint, vintage piece of cabinet, and then happily walking away after confirming her purchase. So I reckon you could try to bargain or haggle a bit here. Anyway, I checked with the staff and they said delivery is free for purchases over SGD300.

Vintage Clock
Vintage Clock

(3) Hock Siong Furniture Gets New Inventory Every Other Day 

From my friends who frequents Hock Siong, I know that their inventory changes very fast, with new stock almost every other day.

Many items in-store were already pasted with the ‘Sold’ sticker when I was there, so I guess you have to be fast if you wish to catch certain items you love. Keep stock of that on their Facebook or Instagram page, which they update very regularly.

Refurnished Side Table
Refurnished Side Table

(4) Ability to Modify, Repurpose or Refurnish Your Furniture For You 

And the best thing about Hock Siong is that they are able to modify, repurpose or refurnish them for you if you wish, as the company’s aim is also to reduce wastage and create a sustainable living for all.

A girl was repainting the side table on the left with furniture paint when I was there, and probably photographing it for their Instagram account, which is quite active.

The place can be quite crowded on weekends, and there is free parking. Clientele-wise, you can see a mixture of locals and foreigners. I think the customers are segregated into two main clusters – those that are looking for cheap and good second-hand pieces, and those who are looking for unique, anchor pieces of furniture or art for their homes.

Altogether, we must have spent about 2 hours there but sadly, I did not managed to find suitable suitcases or luggage to my liking for my storage purposes, but I definitely see myself making another trip there soon.

If you are a vintage lover like me, and don’t mind sweating and hunting for stuff in a non air-conditioned and sometimes stuff warehouse, then you will like this place. Below are a few of my photos when I was there. Enjoy!

Hock Siong's 3rd Warehouse
Hock Siong’s 3rd Warehouse
Hock Siong Furniture
Hock Siong Furniture
Vintage Desk
Vintage Desk
Antique Lamps and Lights
Antique Lamps and Lights
Old Vases and Books
Old Vases and Books

Hock Siong & Co.
Address: 153 Kampong Ampat, #01-03 Junjie Industrial Building, Singapore 368326
Opening Hours: 9.30 am – 5.50 pm daily
Telephone: 65-281-8338


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