Antique Hinckley Fishing Lures – A 5-Minute Guide to Prices and Identification

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Collection of antique fishing lures for sale has become an interesting hobby among the younger generation of fishing enthusiasts. Fishing lures which can be termed as antique pieces date back to earlier than 1898. They were made from different materials and were classified on the basis of their weight, size, type and color. In fact, there could be many such tackle boxes tucked away in the corners of a basement, attic or a garage still waiting to be found by the outdoor-minded younger generation of today.

Identifying Antique Hinckley Fishing Lures

When you talk of antique fishing lures, the names that crop up are the likes of Heddon, Shakespeare, Hinckley etc. Antique Hinckley fishing lures came into existence due to a hunting accident wherein Hinckley lost one eye and which made him turn to fishing. Hinckley’s fishing lures were the first among the artificial baits that were purchased by the public and collectors will definitely vouch for the sturdiness of his pieces.

Hinckley founded his fishing lure company in 1877. Following are listed the features of his fishing lures which will make the identification much easier:

Vintage Hinckley Silver Bird Fish Phantom Fishing Lure
Vintage Hinckley Silver Bird Fish Phantom Fishing Lure Source: Worthpoint

‘Silver Bird Fish Phantom’ – 1897

  • Round side fins
  • Unpainted plug style
  • Additional three treble hooks

‘Phantom Yellow Bird’ – 1900

  • Three inch size
  • Spinning head and raised spots
  • Two hooks and side fins
Antique Hinckley Fishing Lures
Vintage Hinckley Phantom Yellow Bird Fishing Lure Source: Worthpoint

How To Determine the Correct Price for Hinckley’s Vintage Fishing Lures

Many individuals will sell antique fishing lures out of ignorance or lack of need on several auction websites and stores. Grading and determining the value and the price of Hinckley’s antique fishing lures for sale on sites such as eBay is a subjective affair. In any case, some tips can be offered which will determine the price that can be fetched by your antique Hinckley fishing lure. It will depend on a series of factors listed below:

  • Condition: First and foremost is the condition of your antique piece. Antique fishing lures, no matter how rare they are, will not fetch much if they are in a damaged condition. If the original box and paperback also exists in good condition then it will add lots of dollars to the price.
  • Rarity: The color of the fishing lure is a vital aspect which is considered to decide its rarity. A rare color of the Hinckley fishing lure will add many times to its price than a common color. Information as to what is counted as a rare color can be obtained from several reference books on the subject.
  • Demand: If the demand for a particular fishing lure type is more than the others, then competition for obtaining it when it is available will be high. This will push its price higher as all will want to possess it.

Whatever be the price of the different antique Hinckley fishing lures today, there is one to fit the size of every individual’s pocket. In any case, each collector will pay the price set for a fishing lure for different reasons not restricted to the above. For some, it could bring back some great memories of childhood days, a special individual or a special place where some good fishing times were spent.

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