The 6 Best Things about Vintage Schwinn Bikes

vintage Schwinn bikes
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The name ‘Schwinn’ has been synonymous with high quality bicycles for more than a century. Schwinn Bicycle Company, established in 1895, started with two partners named Ignaz Schwinn and Adolph Arnold. However, Arnold sold his stake in the company later and it was Schwinn who made the company a market leader in the bicycle industry.

Evolvement of Vintage Schwinn Bikes

The company evolved over the years with many new developments and contributions to this industry. Features such as balloon tires, rear wheel brakes, built-in kickstands, spring fork and cantilever frame are just to name a few which were introduced. Several models from the rationalized Aerocycles and the timeless Phantoms to the Sting Rays and Krates became style icons during their period. In fact, the classic Phantom used to be on every boy’s wish list way back in the 1950s. Even in today’s times, some of the models are still being sought after by the vintage bike enthusiasts.

There are several sources from where these vintage Schwinn bikes can be purchased like eBay, Old Roads, Craigslist or the local sources. Sometimes, the bikes you obtain may not be in good working conditions; however, this is quite immaterial to the buyer as he has ways to get them restored to their original condition, such as vintage bike restoration shopes or through certain websites dedicated to Schwinn enthusiasts. Now, what really makes these bikes so desirable to collectors even today? We take a look at 6 top reasons.

Vintage Schwinn Bikes and What’s So Great About Them

  1. Workmanship: The workmanship of these bikes is unsurpassable and this, along with their enduring value, makes them a much sought after item.
  2. Vintage Schwinn bikes prices: More often than not, these vintage Schwinn bikes are available at a reasonable cost, and there is not much compromise in quality. They are affordable and a complete value for money. For buyers who have a very strict budget and an amazing liking for these awesome vintage bikes, they can definitely check out  these Schwinn bikes on eBay. Most of the time, they can find a perfectly conditioned vintage bike for a really very affordable cost.
  3. Easily available feedback: As these bikes have been famous over so many years, a buyer can easily get feedback related to any of the vintage bikes and then choose one. Several models are still available offering a variety of choices for enthusiasts.
  4. Serving all age groups: As a matter of fact, the Schwinn Bicycle Company previously and even today continues to manufacture bicycles which cater to not only the adults but the kids too. Those bikes are designed to suit the needs of the kid riders perfectly.
  5. Nostalgic memories: These bikes have become a part of American popular history and a person desiring to buy a piece of it goes for them. They rake up fond memories for the older generation and are therefore popular with collectors.
  6. Multi-gear switching: These bikes specialize in multi-gears which can be swifted easily, smoothly and quickly to allow its rider to move across terrains fast.

Individuals buy a vintage Schwinn bike not just for its antique value but also for personal use though prices differ depending upon the desirability, scarcity and condition of the model. However, one thing is definite – it is still the perfect bike for your mountain biking, exercising or leisure riding needs.

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