The Ultimate Secret of Antique Curio Cabinets

Antique curio cabinets are an artistic piece of furniture mainly handmade by skilled artisans and are designed to exhibit and enhance the look of artful collectables. They are made mainly from wood and glass. The wood is handpicked and put together using hand tools. The exquisite craftsmanship of the skilled artisans brings life to this piece of furniture.

Curio cabinets are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of them are fitted with lights and mirrors to highlight the items on display such as porcelain vases, jewelry, antiques, souvenirs, etc. The cabinets are available as wall mount or corner units. There is a range of shades available depending on the wood used. The style and designs of the curio cabinets are endless. They vary from classic, contemporary, traditional and antique to modern.

Its Ability to Retain the Old World Charm of Any Home

Have you ever experienced a feeling of warmth and elegance in the ambiance of any home that you walked into?  The existence of an antique curio cabinet in the room lends this feeling to the visitor and herein lies the underlying secret of these cabinets. A home, which by all other standards could be labeled as a modern one, could still retains its old world charm with the presence of such a vintage curio cabinet.

In fact, there is no denying the fact that the richness of rosewood or other whatsoever material used along with the antique grapevine patterns and designs decorating these cabinets helps to liven the room of all homes. A home which flaunts one of such pieces is sure to get value added many times over if ever it is put on the market.

These cabinets which were often referred to as ‘cabinets of curiosity’, evoke a sense of mystery to the viewer. They are standing tributes to the various owners who have used them to store their varied pieces of collectibles.

antique curio cabinets
Photo: Euro Paint Finishes

Tracing the Use of Vintage Curio Cabinets

These antique curio cabinets bring to the fore a rich history of the passionate collectors and proud status-seekers who used them to flash their prized possessions to the society. The rarest and flashiest finds of the owners found their way into these cabinets which came with locking mechanisms to ensure the protection of its contents.

Right from the times of Northern Renaissance to the Victorian Era to the newly burgeoning middle class to today’s times, the antique cabinet has seen it all. Throughout the many years, the antique cabinet has reflected the personality of its owner and hence has stored within its realms an assortment of possessions ranging from products of nature, products of man to the scientific ones and to metal, wood and glass decorative and utilitarian items today.

How To Get the Best Out Of Your Vintage Curio Cabinets

The local estate auctions are the best places to look for such antique curio cabinets, in my opinion, as they bring out some really traditional, classy pieces. The flea markets are also a good place to buy the corner or wall mount curios, and frequently present a greater scope for bargaining.

However, before buying any antique curio cabinets, there are certain things that you have to take note:

  • The curio cabinet passes on from generation to generation. Hence, it should reflect the personality of the buyer.
  • It is not only the looks but also the quality that should be a main consideration.
  • While buying, one should be sure of the location you want to place the cabinet and also the dimensions of the space available. The items to be displayed must be taken into consideration too.  For example, the wood corner curio cabinets used in the living rooms display antique collections, china clay items, fragile art pieces, etc.  They can also be used to store books, DVDs, etc. The wine cabinets are either on display in the living room or kitchen.
  • There should be enough room for storage and display, keeping in mind the growth of the collection.

Prized Even Today

As used in the past, these cabinets are the best places to display the owner’s prized possessions even in today’s times. Besides being practical, their appearance lends glamour to the room where they are placed. They can be kept in the living room which has an empty wall or an empty corner. If placed strategically in the dining area, it provides a topic of conversation whenever there is a lull. The scrollwork and ornamentation work of your piece of furniture can easily start a conversation and go on to relive its history and origins.

There are several varieties to choose from such as antique curio cabinets with claw feet, antique curio cabinets with curved glass or other wall mount or corner units and they all go to create a lasting impression on the guests. Some of them are fitted with lights and mirrors to highlight the items on display. There is a range of shades available depending on the wood used with the style and designs being endless. Today, you can get one over the internet or through auction sales or even flea markets.

Antique cabinets involve skilled labor, intricate art work and are made by hand from a carefully selected wood and are in great demand for the elegance they offer. This makes them a costlier option but the classy touch, strength and durability they offer, is worth the price.

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