How To Identify Authentic Antique Hummel Figurines

antique Hummel figurinesDo you collect antique Hummel figurines, most simply referred to as Hummels, which are porcelain figurines based on the drawings of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel, a famous German Franciscan Sister and artist?

Antique Hummel figurines, first made in 1935 by the W.Goebel Pozellanfabrik in Germany, have been made for almost every occasion in life, from children picking apples, flowers or delivering letters with their pets.

If you are a serious collector or a fan, you should know how important it is to know the worth of the antique Hummel figurines that you are buying or collecting, and how difficult it is to accurately know how to identify the genuinely authentically vintage ones. Genuine antique Hummel figurines will each have a Goebel trademark on it that you can use to check the date of your Hummel figurines.

What you can do is to also to check out some price guides on such figurines or browse through some related antique toys forums online. But in general, there are some pointers that you can use as a guide:

  •  Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel Signature: The signature of Sister M.I.Hummel is incised on the base of almost every Hummel piece, an agreement between the contract with Franz Goebel, the manufacturer. This however, does not apply to figurines without bases or do not have any surface to incise the signature.
  • antique Hummel figurines
    Goebel and Hummel Marks & Stamps. Photo: Apple Tree Deals

    Goebel mark: The Goebel mark appears on the bottom of each figurine can indicate when it was made. The chart on the left offers a look at each stamp and what is the date of manufacture.

  • Hummel mark: Beside the Goebel mark, there is also a mold number on the bottom of vintage, authentic Hummel figurines. This will give an idea of how old the Hummel figurine is.
  • Name of figurine: If you know the name of the Hummel figurine, it is easier for you to check when it was made, and how much it is worth. Here is a comprehensive list from Antique HQ.
  • Condition: Check the figuring for any cracks, chips or damage, as as with most antiques, those that are not in perfect condition are worth less than those in mint condition.

Notably though, some Hummel figurines’ prices have dropped, to anything between $20 – $50 but more antique pieces could be priced more than $100 though.

Lastly, it might be worthwhile to consult experts such as Ph.D. antiques appraiser Dr Lori. Here, she shares with us what to look out for when purchasing Hummel figurines, how to date them and how to tell if they are genuine ones or imitations. Check it out!


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