These 6 Secrets Will Make Your Antique Volkswagen Beetles Look Amazing

The Volkswagen beetle is without doubt one of the most classic cars that have been manufactured since the early thirties, with a stunning history attached to it. Even in today’s times, quite a few of these classic cars exist and are even considered road worthy. Who can forget the lovable character of ‘Herbie’, the Volkswagen beetle which was immortalized in the most famous Disney movie, ‘The Love Bug’?

The Huge Fan Following of these Vintage VW Beetles

Antique Volkswagen beetles have obtained a cult status in the United States where this car is considered as the original hero of art cars. It has a wide fan base with diverse liking for different looks such as the Cal Look, resto-look, Baja Bugs, Disney’s Herbie the Love Bug replicas, old school look and so on. A major reason for this model to be an evergreen favorite is its horizontally opposed and air-cooled engine design which enables subsequent modification and repair to be done with great ease. It is no wonder that you get to see many Volkswagen beetles for sale on Craigslist and other antique online sites.

How Toantique-volkswagen-beetles Keep Your Antique Volkswagen Beetles In Good Shape

The body of a Beetle is the most important of all, if you want to give your vintage car a very appealing look. Following are six secrets that can definitely ensure an amazing look for your antique Volkswagen beetles.

Rust Protection: The first culprit that can harm your old Volkswagen is rust and any sign of rust has to be tackled immediately. Watch out for bubbles in the car paint, check the car’s belly and also inside the fenders for any tell-tale signs of this and immediately take action. As a measure for rust protection, apply cavity wax in direct sunlight into all nooks and crannies of your old beauty or get rust protection done for the entire car.

Regular Washing: There is no substitute for this task as your car will have to be cleaned of dead bugs or road salt or any other dust source. In car washes, protectant sprays such as wax will help to protect the paint finish from rusting.

Paintwork: The paintwork that is done should be of the highest quality; you should be paying top dollar to keep the paint of your old bug shining like glass. For this, it is important that you wax your car a minimum of once or twice a year and use a good quality car wax for the purpose.

Shining Tires: The look of your tires also contributes to the look of the car. Use a tire shine to enhance the sheen of the car tires and make them look anew.

Always Keep Touch-up Paint in the Car: The color code of the touch-up paint should be in line with the original. This can be ascertained by looking at the manufacturer label and accordingly, a similar color code can be bought. Use this to touch up the minor and larger scuffs.

antique volkswagen beetles

Polish Foggy Headlights: Keep your headlights polished from the outside so that they are clear and sparkling. A combination kit of waterproof sandpaper, car wax and a polishing compound containing gentle abrasive can be used for the purpose.

Vintage Volkswagen beetles are the prized possessions of many auto enthusiasts and it is important for you as one to take great care to ensure that your collection remains in tip-top condition.

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