Fall in Love with these 8 Categories of Antique Gas Pumps

Thinking of antique gas pumps brings before us the classic times of 1950s when these old gas pumps were a common feature at service stations which would be illuminated by vintage fashion island lights. It is still possible to restore these vintage pieces to their earlier glamour and recreate the original atmosphere, with some help from experts.

The gas pump has come a long way from being just a kerosene pump to what it is today. Some of these antique gas pumps can be traced from the earlier times.

Categories of Antique Gas Pumps – A Brief History

Early Models

These early inventions were used as crude methods of filling gas into the client’s automobile tank.  There was however, no precise way of measuring the gallons poured into the tank of the client’s automobile.

Pre-visible Pumps

antique gas pumps
Photo: antiquevend.com

In this type of pumps, there were large glass cylinders for viewing and storing the gasoline. These included the curb pumps and the small hand-crank pumps and some of them are quite captivating due to their distinctive designs.

Visible Gas Pumps

The 1915s brought in some visible gas pumps, standing very tall at about 10 feet or so with lighted globes on the top. The cylinders had markings for measuring the gallon quantity. Some amount of precision in measurement came in besides assuring quality of gasoline. Restored gas pumps, which fall in this category, are quite impressive.

Clock-Face Pumps

This pump is hot property as far as antique collectibles are concerned. They were introduced in the early 1920s and were called by its name because of the clock-like dial present on front of the pump. Their production span was quite short and so they are rarer than the other varieties.

Double Clock-Face Pumps

Photo: artfactory.com

Such kinds of pumps were made in very less quantities and only by those manufacturers who survived through the late 1920s and early 1930s. These are the rarest and the most desirable, but are pretty expensive among all such antique pieces. Restored clock-face pumps will certain heighten the appearance and feel of any room where they are housed because of their antique charm.

Computing Pumps

The manufacture of these pumps dates back to the 1930s. They were first placed at restaurants and antique establishments as collectibles and later began to be placed by car collectors beside their automobile masterpieces.

Art Déco Pumps

Art déco movement dominated the manufacture of gas pumps and bright flashy pumps became the new trend all over the world. They were the fancier of the computing pumps with a high desirability quotient. The most popular of this lot are the uncommon twin pumps (early Gilbarco, Wayne and Browser twins).

Reproduction Pumps

These are nothing but copies of clock-face and visible pumps. Though they may not be a collector’s item, they definitely add on to the décor of a restaurant or any business house, as the authentic ones might not be quite accessible price-wise or worthwhile for any business to invest in, especially if it’s a start-up business. These reproduction pumps are certainly cheaper than the genuine pumps for decor purposes only.

Where to Find Antique Gas Pumps for Sale

For more information on antique gas pumps, or antique gas pumps for sale, check out some vintage gas pumps websites online; you can check out Old Gas, a community bringing gas station antique collectors, dealers, publishers and service providers together for the benefit of all, muse over the bright and colorful pictures of vintage gas pumps, and I’m quite sure you would fall in love with them, as did yours truly!

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