10 Creative Ways to Use Antique Rocking Chairs in your New House

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Antique rocking chairs are timeless furniture pieces which evoke a sense of calmness in the body and soothing memories of times gone by. The unique design of the chair which gives it its rocking motion has made it a favorite among individuals of all ages. The chair’s history can be traced to Europe from where it spread to the New World and in many homes today, they are being passed down as a treasured heirloom from one generation to the next. Antique rocking chairs can liven up the décor of any room it is placed in and infuse character into an otherwise boring and plain space.

Wide Array of Options Available in Antique Rocking Chairs

antique rocking chairs 1800s

This antique piece of furniture come in various designs and they all exhibit the characteristics of the eras they belong to. Among the whole lot, one can lay hands on a Victorian rocker most easily; however others too can be found with a little more effort.

One of the earliest antique rocking chairs is the Windsor rocking chairs which were commonly found in rural England in the 1700s. Gungstol rockers were produced in the mid 1700s in Sweden. They were equipped with three legs and this facilitated the rocking motion without the fear of getting tipped. The Bentwood rocking chair or the Thonet rockers as they are known made their appearance first in Austria in the mid 1800s. They are still considered priceless even in today’s times. Wicker rockers which came around World War I used artificial wicker reeds which were made by twisting paper with the help of machines. Platform rockers have a stationery base as the rocking motion is provided by the springs which are present at some place on the legs. A Glider rocker is a variation of the same. Sewing rockers which belonged to the Victorian era were either plain wood or had upholstered seats but came with no arms or very low arms. Another chair of the Victorian era was the Upholstered rocker which had greater appeal due to its adornments and detailed carvings. A chair oozing masculinity was the Mission Style rocker and was best suited in an Arts and Crafts style home.

How Best Can Antique Rocking Chairs Fit into a New Home?

Antique rocking chairs in today’s times can be used well in any part of the new home. If you have a basic idea of what its location should be in your new home, then that will help you decide which style would fit in best. Following are some creative ways in which they can be placed so as to lend their best use.

Antique Wicker Rocking Chair

Bask in the Natural Warmth

A vintage wicker rocking chair is a great option to enhance both the outdoors as well as the interiors of the house. Basking in the early sunshine in your garden or sitting snug on it in front of your fireplace, both are equally wonderful spots of relaxation. The classic elegance and the delicately crafted weaves of the wicker rocker adds ambience to its surrounding environment.

antique rocking chair with lion head arms
Antique Rocking Chair with Lion Head Arms

Enhance a Nook or a Corner

A vintage rocking chair if it is embellished and intricately carved can even substitute for a sculpture piece or statute to accentuate a corner of your living room. Its striking silhouette will make it the most eye-catching piece of furniture for all the visitors. An antique rocking chair with lion head arms will especially add greater charm and value to the nook or corner where it is placed.

Add Functionality to a Nursery

kids and mother's rocker chairs
Kid’s and Mother’s Rocker Chairs

A vintage sewing chair with upholstered seats will make a best addition to a nursery of a new home. It lends great functional value as it helps the new mother to rock her baby to sound sleep with the rocking movements of the chair with great ease and comfort. A glider rocker will be just as relaxing. The kids too will fall in love with them. Moreover, as they grow up, this chair will become their refuge whenever they want to be left alone.

Heighten Comfort Quotient of the Bedroom

antique rocking chair in bedroom
Antique Rocking Chair for the Bedroom

An antique rocking chair can be made more ornamental and comfortable by getting cushions made for them and placing them in the bedroom of the new home. The cushions can match with the décor and style of the other furniture; several options in color and design are available to suit the interiors of the home as well as the outdoors. So, no matter what vintage chair you have, its appeal can be enhanced with some stunning cushions.

Act as a Source of Soothing Relief in your Den

These chairs which bring a glimpse of the past with their old-world charm add a certain amount of warmth into the den area of the new home. There is nothing like retiring to your den to unwind after a hard day’s work with a book in your hand and a glass of wine to sip by while rocking in the vintage chair of your choice.

vintage rocking chairs fireplace
Vintage Rocking Chairs at the Fireplace

Adorn your Fireplace

In case you want to adorn your farmhouse, then there is nothing like placing a vintage rocking chair in front of the fireplace and reading a book in the cold winter months.

Rocking chairs for the porch
Rocking Chairs for the Porch

Extra Appeal to the Porch

Make your porch more welcoming with an awesome set of antique wicker chairs.

Deck Furniture

Backyard chairs
Backyard Rocking Chairs

Arrange cozy antique furniture on your deck and make it more inviting.

Winsor rockers
Winsor Rockers

Grace Your Backyard

The Windsor rockers were originally used to grace the backyard of every home though now it is up to the owner to use what he feels more comfortable with for relaxing in his backyard.

Make Seating Arrangements for Long Passageways

You can provide an avenue for relaxation in long passageways with this form of antique Windsor rocker.

Finally, not many pieces of furniture act as stress busters and provide a source of soothing comfort as the rocking chairs. A vintage rocking chair becomes a treasure trove of memories that are passed down from the parents to their kids.  Regardless of the era it belongs to, there is always a vintage rocking chair available to suit perfectly the requirements of each individual.

So, rock yourself to a deep sleep with that vintage rocking chair of your dreams!

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