10 Sexy Vintage Style Bathing Suits for Ladies

Last updated on February 19th, 2021 at 12:48 pm

Come summer and each one of us will start heading to the beach as and when possible. Swimsuits of all types for the woman will be on display and some will stand out against the other. In this context, the vintage style bathing suits let you showcase a sexy look with equal amounts of elegance and glamour not easily found in modern swimwear.

Why are Vintage Style Bathing Suits Popular?

Vintage style bathing suits one piece is still considered a trendy item of clothing and it was made more popular through Rachel McAdams bathing suit’s in’The Notebook’. Retro swimwear is suitable for all body types and enables the woman to reveal only that part of her body which she feels is flattering. They are made from top quality materials and the prints of the fabric can also last for many seasons. The incidence of their designs and prints becoming very common is rare and hence you get the eye catching attention you deserve if you don one on the beach.

Moreover, if you plan your shopping during the off season, then you can get some designer vintage swimwear at astronomically low prices.

Wide Options of Vintage Style Bathing Suits

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Varied styles exist in retro swimwear which have been made popular through old fashion movies and old fashion movie divas. These retro suits are homage to the fashion statements of yesteryears and look cute and sexy at the same time on girls and women alike.

Below are 10 of the best sexy styles of vintage swimwear:

Pretty Polka: This is an all-time favourite from the 1950s and looks great in bright colours with dots on them. You can don either one piece or the bikini style swimsuit in this variety.

Sailor Style: A sailor-inspired retro suit looks refreshing and clean. Bring out the nautical trends with the sailor buttons, navy colours, sailor hat and all.

Floral Fun: A vintage swimsuit in floral designs with a floral bathing cap will make the outfit complete. Look cool and relaxed in a dark blue designed two piece swimsuit and accessorize it suitably.

Animal Instincts: Show the animal instincts in you with the zebra designs or the leopard’s spots on your swimsuit fabric. Get hold of a retro two-piece swimsuit with a halter top and sexy leopard spots for a flirty design.

Retro Halter Vintage: A one-piece swimsuit with halter straps gives adequate support to the mid-chest and enable you to move with confidence.

Birdie Look: Look adorable in this one piece bathing birdie swimsuit.

One piece Full Skirt Swimwear: For the most modest ones, this is most suitable, much like a very snug fitting short dress.

Swimsuits with Tropical Designs: Many swimsuits depict the tropical fruits of holiday paradises like the one below.

Striped Two Piece Swimsuit: Stripes too were in vogue those days and this look is being recreated even today.

Fringes Bikini-Frills and Ruffles: These styles of swimwear look pretty cute and adorable and highly sexy with the fringes and ruffles blowing and flirting in the breezy winds of the beach.

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